Inspired by Sarah: A Journey of Heartbreak & Hope

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a memory is worth a million. 

Unbeknownst to any of her grandchildren, my grandmother collected dollar bills every time she came across one with a matching letter to a grandchild’s name. This Christmas, as this was being revealed, I looked through the stacks of dollar bills in awe of how many times Grandma thought of me. Nothing about this post is to brag about the amount of dollars my Grandma hoarded away. In fact, the monetary value is meaningless compared to fact that every time my Grandma held a dollar bill with an “E” on it, she thought of me. I will never cash them in, for what they represent is far more precious.

As dementia bests my Grandma, whom I always thought would think perfectly and live forever, I have stacks of individual memories as evidence of her remembrance, all while her present-day memory fades.

I’m inspired by Sarah (that’s my Grandma). I’m inspired to do something for me while doing something for others. So, I’m setting out on a venture to feel beautiful by making others feel beautiful. In a recent letter that I uncovered from my Grandma, she challenged her sixteen year old granddaughter to love God, appreciate her momma, never stop learning, work hard, and chase a dream.

I’ve chosen my dream: Sarah B Boutique

I hope you will come along with me. I’m inspired by Sarah. Who inspires you?

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  • Lynda on

    I know this time must be very hard for you. It is very hard when the somebody you love is still there physically, but mentally, not so much and they don’t act like the person you have always known. My grandmother had dementia in her last years. That’s awesome that you have the letter, a real gift.
    On a lighter note, at first I was thinking “who is Sarah?” Because I always knew her as Scrippy, that is all my Mom ever called her. Ha ha

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